Getting off the juice

June 26, 2012

Just ignore that cake in the far right corner and concentrate on my homemade kombucha! I feel like such a rock star that it turned out and its DELICIOUS and the cherry on top is that my kids will drink it! WOW oh WOW! 
We slowly got on a juice track about 2 years ago. We’ve always watered it down, like a 80/20 mix but still, after our last visit with Dr. Fox the dentist, he warned us to cut it out even more. So we’ve been looking for alternatives & since my daughter loves kombucha, I figured I could get a culture and make my own. 
Easier said than done. I read about 10 different blogs about how to make it, talked to my uncle who has had the same culture for 20+ years going and every single person had different instructions on how to make it.

Every single person.

So I just chose one person’s instructions and did it. Then I waited 7 days. Tasted it. It tasted like sweetened tea. So I did some trouble shooting.
Waited 7 days and discovered something that looked like floating mold. Great I thought- I’m a total #urbanhomesteadingfailure - What the heck did I do? So I took my bottle out of its hiding place and was going to throw it out but realized that it wasn’t mold at all. It was a baby culture! Sweet I thought - I’ll just taste it. Still a bit too sweet tea so I put it back and waited 3 more days. Tasted it - it was PERFECT! Yippee!!
I poured it in glass jars and popped it in the fridge and started a new batch. I’ve now done 3 batches and its easy, breezy and tasty. I’m now up to 3 cultures & batches!


And one added bonus (If you read this blog a lot, I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear ;))
that you can make this with the kids! I let my daughter wash her hands and then place the culture on top of the tea mixture and cover it and put the rubber band on. It gives her a sense of excitement as we await our bubbly delight!