Mama Beauty

June 18, 2012

My office is swarming with interns and their amazing nail art. I love how they have the ability to jump on a huge trend and spend mere dollars and have chic nails every week. The above photo is from The Dainty Squid, these nails look beautiful and entail 5 polishes which is great when you have all the ploishes yet hard for some of us who aren’t spending our spare time shopping for polishes. My intern Emily is quite savvy, she uses one polish for a base coat and uses a multi color glitter polish for the second. Wet and Wild is very affordable and Deborah Lipman¬†brings them up a notch. We are about to enter some serious warm weather. My plan? When the kiddo goes to sleep out will come the¬†nail polishes and it will be time to get arty!

Photo, The Dainty Squid