P.S I Want This, Chic Mama Summer

June 11, 2012

I am a bit of a sucker for summer clothes since I spent most of my life in warm weather and didn’t own a black wardrobe until I moved to New York.  I love these pieces for they can be dressed up or down and are they chic enought to work through the hot summer days that are lovely New York Weather brings us. There are a lot of blues and yellows this season, here are some of my picks!

1. A bright yellow tee goes a long way on a tired day. Try this or this cheapy.

2. A bit spendy however I have been looking for a I deserve it piece of jewelry for awhile, this fits the bill.

3. A.P.C Bag for summer, why not? I would take it into fall in a second.

4. Ok, this has nothing to do with summer fashion however everyone needs a yummy  Mast chocolate bar once in a while.

5. Easy to dress up or down for work, wedding and weekends with some flat sandals. Topshop skirt.

6. These sandals are perfect if you tend to wear a neutral wardrobe and just need a bit of color to liven it up. Topshop.