Never get a crappy avocado again!

May 30, 2012

The Glorieux household are huge avocado consumers! I’d say we easily breeze through 3-4 a week. Makes ideal toddler food + an ideal source of good fat! Did you know avocados are referred to as the fertility fruit or have more potassium than a banana? Pretty awesome…
But you know what I hate? When you get a crappy one with big brown spots or fungus growth because it feels like you been waiting forever for it to ripen and now you can only eat part of it so when I saw this story about how to never pick a bad one, I knew I had to share. Enjoy! 

Before you commit to a specific avocado, look for all the external signs of ripe-but-not-rotten. With a Haas avocado (the variety we tend to get on the West coast), the skin should be very dark green-to-black and bumpy. The fruit should feel heavy and firm, with no obvious smooshy parts or flat areas.

Now here’s the trick. Once you’ve got a good candidate, take a sneak-peak at what’s inside. Discreetly flick the dry stem off the fruit.

If you see a brown patch under the stem, put that avocado back. It will be gross inside.

But, if the fruit right under the stem is bright avocado yellow-green, you have a winner. Your avocado will be great.

As a side note- if you’re in a hurry - say you have a dinner party you want to make guac for; put the avocados in a brown paper bag with a couple of bananas. They’ll be ready in no time!