Dreaded cleaning...doesn't have to be so dreadful

May 30, 2012

I am sure I’m not alone when I say I HATE CLEANING. Oh, I love things to be clean - just not dread doing it. Its feels like since I’ve had kids its 10x more cleaning and re-cleaning… Example: last night after sweeping and mopping the entire kitchen and living room, I walked in to find my daughter tearing tiny pieces of cheese from the cubes I gave her to snack on and throwing them on the floor! I nearly lost my mind!! What the heck!?@

I’m sure any parent could use some help lessening the cleaning routine so here are a few great ideas and links that have lightened our families cleaning load that really work!  

-Cleaning a bathroom in 5 minutes a day - this really works! Promise!  

-I just started this clean a kitchen in 20 minutes a day and so far so good! I find that breaking it down to 30 minute intervals a day really really helps the overall maintenance and my sanity! 

-Split it up. We have an upstairs and a downstairs to clean so I do the downstairs and my husband does the upstairs. It helps to know I’m only responsible for 1 part! Remind your husband that men who help out around the house get laid more ;) 

-Get those kids cleaning! I ordered my daughters broom, mop and dustpan from For Small Hands and they’re awesome! Its good for them & you! 

-Happiest Mom also had a great write up on this very subject and her tips really worked with my daughter! 

Photo by: Shutterstock