Blog Crush, A Blog About Love

May 29, 2012

I had never heard of A Blog About Love up into a few days ago. I noticed on my pinterest that Mara Co-creator with her hubby of A Blog About Lovehad re-pinned something of mine. I saw that she had a blog and when I went to read it I well, fell in love with it. It has such a great energy and openness about it. I was drawn to the posts which is pretty rare these days for me. With a busy schedule, not so much reading time, I stick to my favorite sites. Also, so many are starting to feel alike -the uniqueness of a blog has been lost to the same formula. Pretty girl posing against a graffiti wall, buy, buy , buy what she is wearing. Hey I get it, blogs have become a business, it’s a creative outlet I hope that enables Jess and I to work from home one day. Yet, I just love a great blog that is honest, raw and has creativity seeping through all of it’s post. The candor of A Blog About Love is really what drew me to it, so open about infertility, wow, it’s been hard for me to even write a post about my struggle to have #2 (I’m getting there.)

I know we often crush on fellow parent blogs out there which is why I am choosing this blog as my crush. Because sometimes the best advice comes from the people out there who are open about love, wanting to become a parent and the adventures along the way.

Photo via A Blog About Love , Photographer Rebecca Baust