Copycat, Crewcuts Dip Dye Tee

May 28, 2012

I spotted this tee on Jcrew and really loved it however I rather have a few color versions then just one. For $30, which is the cost of the Crewcuts I can make at least two color versions. The Crewcuts is more of an (instructions here) ombre version. I like this DIY for a (bottom two pics) sprinkled tee. I plan to do something in between for both the boy and I which is exactly what the warm weather ordered!

1. What you need: A tray, 1 measuring cup, salt, Dylon dye of any color(not the machine washable ones)   heavy duty cleaning gloves and a basic white tee

2. Mix a quarter of the Dylon dying powder into the tray with 4 cups of warm water and 4 tablespoons of salt. Once the powder has dissolved, fill the train up with water to make a very dilute color. Soak the bottom of the tee so the color will trail up it nicely.

3. Hang to dry for 15 minutes until it’s damp.

4. Take the leftover dye powder and sprinkle onto the tee as much as you like. It creates a lovely speckled effect.

5. Hang to dry. Once it’s fully dried and the dye had absorbed in, give it another rinse in the sink and dry again. Then you’ll have your very own dip dye tee for the summer!

Bottom two photos and instructions, Freepeople