School Daze

September 12, 2011

The first day of Preschool 2’ s was a day of minor tantrums and happiness. Unfortunately when I tried to take a photo of the happy moments C wasn’t having it. Although he had been in nursery school since 5 months attending preschool really hits home in the ‘my baby is growing up category.’ The first day felt much easier then today. Mostly because the parents were encouraged to stay close by the class on their first day. Last night I received a letter from the teacher basically writing to the parents that on the 2nd day we need to let the kiddos fend for themselves. Okay, I thought I can do this. Well not so easy. As soon as I said good bye the screaming and tears started pouring. C ran out of the room running towards me. I started to tear up and was about to plan spending my day at school, no way was I leaving my hysterical son with these strangers! A fellow mother who has 3 toddlers encourage me to leave and that all will be okay. I reluctantly left while I could hear my child screaming (two floors down I may add) and preceded to feel the emotional pull and guilt that creeps in when these episodes occur. The good news is that my hubby wrote that he ended up having a great second day and was very happy when he was picked up. I’m confident a bit nervous that by the end of the week both C and I will be still a hysterical mess at a much better place with our new ‘grown up’ schedule.