Work/Life Balance

August 23, 2011

Great great post on Design Mom today! Its been weighting heavily on my mind and as Donna posted before - Its hard to be a Super Mom!!
I got food poisoning on Sunday and between putting the baby down for bed, getting my toddler’s dinner together, trying to ignore the mess in the living room and emergency trips to the bathroom, I had a melt down.
While I was laying in bed shivering, I decided to just be positive and name some of my favorite moments in life so far. The above picture is one of those moments: Taken at Martha’s Vineyard nearly this exact time last year, my husband and I biked from our hotel to the beach after breakfast. The beach was entirely empty and the sky has the most amazing cloud floating by. We sat for over an hour in silence and took it all in. Beautiful place and great memories!
You can’t do it all and best advice yet: lower your standards (at least for a little while).

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux