Chic Kid, back to school clothes that transition into the year...

August 27, 2012

Back to school, especially when your kids are young and grow out of clothes as quick as mine is seeming to do, is a signal for us to stock up on the year ahead. If you have yet to read Jessica’s tip on how to save on kids clothes for the years ahead, definitely give it a read. I also touched on last fall on what pieces are great to buy second hand as well as to buy a year or so ahead when in deep discount.

For what I am loving now here are some great pieces that will work now and be great transitional pieces for the entire year as you start pouring on the layers.

1. Zara Heart. Text & Glitter T-Shirt 

2. Mini and Maximus Oh Deer Tee

3. Gap Cat Ballet Flats

4. Zara Sheepskin Gilet- I know it’s warm to show this however this is a great little piece that often sells out quick, it’s that item that you use when the air cools and layer throughout winter.

5.Non Chalant Mom Super Sky Birds Skirt

6. Sweet William Esp 1, call store for inquiry of stock.

7. Stella McCartney Lee Jacket- At $160 this jacket is all about me and I know it’s pricey but it’s so cute. It’s my inspirational pieces for the fall, either to make or keep on eye on it when it goes on sale.

8. Zara Quilted High Top Sneaker

9. Gap Striped Long Tee

10. Non Chalant Mom Neon Yellow T-Shirt W/God Dragon Foil Print

11. Gap Colored Skinny Jeans

12. Old Navy Railroad Striped Jeans

Photo: If you like what these kids are wearing you can buy the patterns at