Creative Lunch, easy tweeks to personalize your childs lunch

August 14, 2012

I recently dropped my son off at my work daycare, as I was puttimg his lunch away next to a fellow mom I couldn’t help but notice the lunch she created for her child was award worthy. She looked at my lunch and then back to hers triumphantly. It was a little weird but I shook it off as we all have our own ways of doing things for our kids. I did look at my poor son and wished him the best with his lunch, no seriously he had a great lunch. I think the lesson in this mommy exchange for me was that perhaps having a bit of some creativity wouldn’t hurt if it encourages him to be excited about eating. This morning I made cinnamon toast and sliced bananas to make a bear face which really looked like Elmo but he seemed happy with this and ate Elmo’s face immediately. I’m not interested in getting competetive with other parents, however if throwing in a little creativity helps my kid to eat his lunch when I am not around, I am game! Check out lil sugar’s post on Creative Ways To Personalize your Lunch.

Photos via lil sugar