DIY Toddler Beds under $75

August 07, 2012


I am on the hunt for an affordable toddler bed. Our current one has fallen apart which is a bit ironic since I can never get my son to sleep on it. I don’t want to spend much on this bed since we’ll move to a larger frame soon since my son is so tall. My two favorite DIY’s our from Apartment Therapy (top photo) and Design Mom (bottom.) After a bit of research Design Mom is my favorite simply because I feel that the mattress could be a twin mattress and also work as a daybed which works for the cuddle bugs we tend to be. The best part is $20(with some preexisting lumber) was the budget for the Apartment Therapy DIY and $75 for both toddler beds from Design Mom. Love good DIY finds!

Photo: Top Apartment Therapy Bottom, Design Mom