Olympics, olympics, olympics

August 02, 2012

I promised myself I wasn’t going to post about the Olympics. But we seem to have it on the games all day, even if no one is watching them that’s how obsessed we are! Plus it makes for such great gossip with friends. I’ve been saying things like ‘Gosh - that Ryan Lochte is sooo cute & did you see when he beat Michael Phelps? Phelps was so pissed he couldn’t speak coherently! You’d think after 17 medals, you could let one slide, right?’ Plus its in LONDON. (English lit major, everything English is cool).

We spent our Sunday night after got the kids in bed watching and critiquing the women’s gymnastics team as if we could do better. (I can’t even do a cartwheel) Plus we got to witness Aly Reisman’s parents weirdness (I seriously just thought she had tourettes, I had no idea what was going on). You can watch the video here if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m really looking forward to the tennis and track and field competitions. What are you watching and looking forward to yourself? 

Photo: AP