Chic Nursery on A Budget

May 21, 2012

When the time came to decorate my son’s nursery I had just lost my job and had to throw in some creativity in putting it together on a budget. We had put away some money to decorate, however since I wasn’t exactly employment material and was about to be hit by a newborn, we needed to scale back. We needed to spend not what  we wanted to spend, what we could spend. I was fanatical about having an inspiration folder, now you can pin things on Pinterest . Having a visual goal really helped. I really wanted this Eames rocker but found this copy on I added this Ikea sheepskin to make it more comfortable and cozy. I still have it in our room and love it. I loved a Jenny Lind style crib (first photo) at $210 it wasn’t very expensive, however after searching for deals I found it at Babies R us on sale at $100. Here are some of my tips for putting a nursery together on a budget. Jessica from Motherburg is even better at this then me, expect to see more tips and organizational to do’s in Motherburg’s future.


DOESN’T HURT TO TRY/ASK:The best lesson I learned from putting a stylish nursery together is that there are so many ways to cut cost which is try to do some of the costly things yourself or ask an artistic friend for help or advice.

STALK THE SALES: If you have some time before baby arrives keep an eye on the large baby resources such as Babies R U and Buy Buy Baby. These resources ALWAYS have amazing sales. 

REGISTER: I had to be nudged to register and I was embarrassed to register for large items such as a car seat or bouncy chair. My sister convinced me that people especially relatives were eager to buy something for the baby and that listing only a onesie wasn’t fair to them.

ASK FOR SECONDS: I actually didn’t have to ask, my mom friends with older toddlers were none to eager to drop amazing nursery items on my doorstep. I ended up receiving so many nursery essentials I ended up giving the residuals to a fellow mother to be. There are message boards such as Yahoo where a mother to- be can find or list some items she like to buy or be given. Most of these fellow parents are more then happy to give up something that has been collecting dust and taking up precious space.

Stay tune for more tips on kids rooms in the upcoming months!