My little dude + taking great photos of kids

May 21, 2012

Isn’t this an awesome picture. I know I’m partial but I just love it. My stepsister took this when she visited last month. She’s a Corcoran trained photographer so of course she got an amazing shot because I can never capture a photo that isn’t blurred from movement or where he has half closed eyes! 

I thought I would have our friend and contributor Karin Bruno @mamarazzi give us some tips on capturing great photos if you too struggle taking photos of your wiggle worm:

How to take better snapshots of your kid?
I get this question very often and it’s not easy to answer. Kids love to play and don’t want to stand still to be photographed. And even if they do stop to pose you will usually get a very unnatural ‘big’ smile. But how to get those super natural looking candid photos? My little trick is to try and engage the kid in something. For example, when I took two 4 four year olds to a lake they started to built castles out of rocks. While they were sitting down totally engaged into the rocks I could shoot them from all different angles and I got great natural images. I tried to take photos of them before they found the rocks and they were just running around and not into being photographed. Now that they had something to focus on (rocks, feather etc.) I even got a some beautiful natural smiles when they wanted to show me something and they looked up smiling. A lot of the little point and shoot cameras also have this very frustrating shutter delay so a lot of great moments are missed or blurry. If you take a lot of photos of your kid it might be worth it to invest in a starter DSLR (like The Canon Digital Rebels or Nikon D3100) camera. Then you have no delay and you can capture moving kids much faster. Hope this helps!
Karin Bruno - Mamarazzi