Chic Mama Beauty

May 15, 2012



Are you a dirty girl? Not that  kind of dirty, I’m mean literally, are you not as clean as you once were, not so put together? I use to wash my hair every other day now I am lucky if I can wash it twice a week. I take quick baths yet find myself not having time to wash my hair some nights. My hair is complicated, it is thick and wavy, not the pretty waves-quite messy. The same goes for the mornings where I have 5 minutes to get myself together. I need products that work fast or work all week long, I do not have time for nail changes once Monday hits. I’m lucky if I even do my nails. I know natural beauties have it easier then high maintenance mamas such as myself, low or high here are some quickie beauty products that are worth the money. 

1. Stila Bronzing Tinted Mosturizer. Why do I love a tinted moisturizer? It feels light and frankly it’s a pick me up for the face. This is why celebrities poor this stuff on, no need to go tanorexic mom, a small amount does the trick.

2. Josie Maran Argan Oil. Rich in Vitamin E , use this amazing on everything form your skin, hair and nails. Truly worth the $48 ish price tag.

3. Tarte Cheek Stain This will give you a dewy, not sweaty look that gives the illusion that you slept 8 hours, thus why I say illusion.

4. Sally Hershberger Wave Spray, the beauty ediotr at work kept giving me these sprays that give your hair a day at the beach look- I had no idea how great and quick you can style your hair with these hair mists.

5. Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo, this is amazing, dirty hair looks clean although I wouldn’t use it everyday, more of an in between product.

6. Butter London,  this is called Yummy Mummy for it’s not a boring nude color, has a bit of a depth to it, sounds cliche but works day to night.

Photo, Francoise Hardy, photographer unknown.