3 hidden Greenpoint gems

May 14, 2012

There are places in Greenpoint that seem to get all the attention (with good reason of course): 5 Leaves, Peter Pan donuts, Paulie Gee to name a few. 
But Greenpoint has some great places that never seem to get much traction so here they are; hidden gems:

For Mommas
Fanaberie - This very accessibly priced boutique is on Nassau between Leonard and Eckford. The store is easy to overlook as the window displays don’t adequately show you what’s inside. In fact, if I hadn’t won a gift certificate there I still wouldn’t have ventured inside. But their selection is worth a look at. Its hip and cool; or rather 60% of it is. 

For Babes
Mini Me is catty-corner to Fanaberie on Nassau. If you’re in the market for a kiss-ass baby gift or a kids outfit for a special occasion, this is the place to go! Mini Me has an obscene selection of precious and beautiful kids clothing and accessories. Its really hard  to just pick one thing! 

For Everyone
Syrena Bakery is located on the corner of Norman and Humbolt. My friend Erica turned me on to the place and I’ve been going every since! The bagels are awesome (and a steal for $0.70!) and the challah is divine! This is a Polish bakery so you can indulge in babka, strudel and a Polish version of a donut! Grab a loaf of fresh bread while you’re there! You won’t be sorry. 

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux
Photo: Katie Sokoler