Cupcake cones!

May 04, 2012

I am in FULL birthday mode today. Between Motherburg’s birthday and my daughter’s 3rd birthday party (yeah its in July, but no reason I can’t start planning now…) I’ve been looking high and low for the best stuff to eat and remembered these guys! 
Remember cupcake cones? A very generous soul (Donna!) gave me a copy of the Treats Truck Cookbook and Kim has a super simple recipe that includes more frosting than the regular one! Yum! 
Recipe after the jump


Here is my remembered rendition of the Treats Truck recipe to Cupcake cones:
You’ll need a recipe or box to bake a large sheet cake + icing + ice cream cones + decorations

Bake a sheet cake or 2 depending on how many cones you’ll be making. Once cake is done and cooled, take your ice cream cones and as close together as possible put the cones face down on the sheet cake. Cut around the circumference of the cone. Continue until all your cones have a circle of sheet cake. Set circles and cones aside. 
Take extra cake, cut into small squares, set aside.

Set up an assembly line in this order: cones, cubed cake, frosting and cake circle. Take a cone pop a few squares of cake down. Take a spoonful of frosting and place on top of cake. Repeat process until near the top. Once at the top, take your cake circle and put on top, frost and decorate! Tada! 

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux
Recipe by: Kim Ima’s book The Treats Truck Baking Book: Cookies Brownies & Goodies GalorePhotos: Cake Spy