Party Idea: Banana Pops

May 04, 2012

These are so easy to make, I know I have posted on the frozen banana but what I like about the pops is that they could be made with older kids at a party or made a head of time for a younger b-day party. It’ s chocolate and I know how messy my kid is when he gets near chocolate so I’ll be the one in control of the banana pops thank you very much. See recipe below!

How To:

1. Melt preferred Chocolate, we love dark chocolate in my casa however I feel that too much dark upsets my son’s stomach so I tend to mix milk chocolate with a few tablespoons of dark .

2. Chop ripe bananas to desired size. I prefer to freeze the bananas a bit so the chocolate will hard-ed faster once dipped.

3. Choose at least 2 of your child(ren) favorite accouterments, my son loves color sprinkles, crushed granola and coconut.

4. Place a small marshmallow on top to keep banana in place.

Serve immediately or place on wax paper in a Tupperware and place in the freezer.

photo via Bakers Royale , recipe via Bakers Royale and modified by Motherburg