May 03, 2012

Its funny, I’ve been meaning to do a post on my reoccurring daydream where we raise chickens in our backyard and just today, I had 2 different blog emails about just that! 
We’re lucky enough to have a decent sized backyard and since raising chickens is legal… I’ve been tempted. 2 major hurdles are 1) colony of feral cats… while fed, I’m sure a chicken snack would sit just right with them 2) poop. Do I really want to clean up another thing’s poo? 
But on the flip side chickens 1) can give us plenty of yummy fresh eggs 2) educational and great fun for kids! 

As I muse on the topic, here are a few great resources for you if you’re considering chicken ownership:

1) Urban Chickens - Great site for chickens 101

2) Backyard Chickens  -EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know!

3) More Brooklyn Chicken adventures via Brokelyn

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux
Photo: Crunchy Domestic Goddess