Traveling with kiddos!

April 19, 2012

We’re headed out of town for a week tomorrow and I’ve been preparing for the trip for 2 months and I’m still freaking out that I’ll forget something!! I carry a post-it with me constantly and update it frequently. It never used to be like this… kids change everything! So I thought I give some suggestions that are SUPER helpful for me:

1) Start early by making a list of what you want to bring. This is really the key to a great trip. You will remember things you want to bring too late if you start late.
2) Consider what you are bringing for the kids: Are you bringing a stroller? Car seat? Travel bed? If you can wiggle out of bringing the heavy stuff; DO! We forgo the bringing of car seats for renting them now. Cost outweighs hassle for us!
Also you can rent big stuff a lot of time through the hotel or a local service. Check online!
Lastly - if you still use diapers & formula - check that its OK with your hotel/place you’re staying and then do a order to be delivered and waiting for you! I can’t tell you how much easier this makes life!
3) Pack breakfast. With hotel buffets running $60-80 bucks for 2 adults, you’d be wise to just throw in some instant oatmeal or bagels and cream cheese or whatever your child likes to eat!

Diaper Bag:
1) Pack more diapers & wipes than you think you need. I made the mistake once and never again.
2) Pack a change of clothing & socks. I made that mistake once and never again.
3) I like to do a dollar store run and get all sorts of new and funky stuff to play with on the airplane rides or download new apps on my phone or ipad!
4) Pack a blanket - those airplanes get really cold!

1) Remember to bring snacks - not only do they distract short attention spans but airport food sucks and its too expensive.
2) Give yourself lots of time at the airport. It will go along way with the stress of travel.
3) Flying Jet Blue @ JFK? They have a play space!! I believe (if memory serves) its Terminal B but ask! Its awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Lastly - some awesome ideas I found online:
The Quiet Book - This is really amazing; especially if you sew. Great idea for the preschool setSnack ideas:
This is great for dip lover!

And with that, I will be back blogging on April 30… unless of course we never come back! ha!

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux
Photo: Kolcraft