Lots o' veggie burgers

April 09, 2012

After I watched this video, as well as read this article I’m not sure I’ll be having beef or chicken anytime soon. Its not exactly new information for me (except the part about chickens being fed caffeine, Tylenol and Benadryl, and arsenic!) its still upsetting to read. 
But on the flip side - its also exciting because this means that 1) the FDA might finally listen to consumers and start labeling food meat such as finely textured beef
2) consumers now know that 70% of ground beef is pink slime and might opt for organic or skip all together (like me!)
3) this might bring a change in how we treat our animals and what we choose to eat!

Hoping for the later! In the meantime, the Times was kind enough to print this article featuring 5 really tasty veggie burgers!

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux
Photo: Sorry! I didn’t save my source and had to pick something more pleasing than a chicken or cow!