Chic Mama Mondays-Maternity Style

April 02, 2012

So many of my friends are either newly pregnant or on pregs with baby #2 and have been asking me what to wear. My rule while pregnant is if I bought something that was pricey it had to fit me afterwards. Also I cut a lot of corners, buying tops in extra large sizes, having the dry cleaners add elastic bands to $15 jeans. Be creative and don’t be afraid to indulge on that one piece you’ll need for meetings, weddings etc and skimp on the items that you’ll wear at least 4 times a week such as cotton tops and jeans. Remember comfort is key and while carrying that extra weight it’s all about YOU feeling good. 

Credits from top to bottom:

Etoile Isable Marant Top $460 Net A Porter, buy inexpensive options at H&M, Old Navy-They will be EVERYWHERE for spring and summer.

Ballet Flat C Wonder, $78

Old Navy Top, $30

Zara Sandal, $50

Forever 21 Jeans, $28

C Wonder Cuff, $78

Target Maternity Dress, $30

Zara Shopper Bag, $100

Center Photo by Kelly Stuart via The Glow