March 28, 2012

Its hard to believe that Easter is almost here! Seems like it happened overnight.
Since my daughter is nearly 3, she’s started to really know what holidays are and likes them. (probably because all holidays include candy of some form!)
So if you’re looking for some Easter themed crafts to do with your kids, food and decor ideas, here you go:

1) 7 Great Easter Apps: A great post on Techlicious here

2) Looking for a natural dye recipe? Click here

3) Looking for a really COOL way to decorate Easter eggs? Check this out

4) Are you a crazy Cadbury egg person like me? Check out this recipe! YUMMM!

5) Cascarones!

6) Lastly - LOVE this idea!! So charming! Can’t you see the look on your kid(s) face when they wake up Easter morning and see this on their breakfast plate?

And last don’t you just love this idea for decorating? Guess who?

Martha Stewart!

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux
Photo: Finger Puppets from Purl Bee; directions here