The best kids show on TV (that parents will love too)

March 20, 2012

Have you seen Adventure Time on Cartoon Network? I accidentally stumbled upon it while wrangling 2 babies into PJ’s and in need of a diversion. I loved it instantly.
The premise is a boy (Finn) and his dog (Jake) who live in the magical land of Ooo and each episode is about their adventures together. Its LOL funny and extremely creative. I’m often awestruck at how awesome it is; how it implores kids to explore and transports them to magic places; filled with pretty lovable characters that have really big hearts or silly affectations. My daughter loves it because it involves lots of different kinds of princesses. The stand out characters for me are Tree Trunks and Lumpy Space Princess. LOVE Lumpy!
You can watch some videos here and see for yourself. Its not going to be everyone’s cup of tea - my sister asked me if the characters were stoned (ha!) but I’ll take Adventure Time ANY DAY over Dora, Backyardigans or that annoying turtle on PBS!
You can also watch an interview with the creator here

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux
Photo: Cartoon Network