Manner Up.

March 12, 2012

Recently I was grocery shopping after work during rush hour at Trader Joes. This particular TJ’s is quite spacious however during this time it can feel quite cramped. As I was shopping, there was a mother with her child who looked to be about 2/3 years, she was not in a stroller but walking with her mother. She walked slowly- oblivious to her fellow shoppers with her child therefore causing major cart traffic. I was quite surprised that the mother would not move or ask her daughter to move a bit as these shoppers tried to pass. The mother never budged and looked annoyed as people started to walk around the mother/daughter pair. I was definitely one of the annoyed fellow shoppers, as a mother I feel l have to be conscious that not every person out there in the world sees my child as this adorable, amazing creature as I do. Manners have been a subject quite popular in our home as they should be and I have been finding myself wondering, what are the proper manners to be teaching my son? What manners are important and when? By what age should manners be part of his personality? If, like me, you have these same questions here are some great tips/links to a well mannered little person.

25 Manners Every Kid Should Know By Age 9

Teaching Kids Manners

A Parents Responsibilty is To Tach Their Children Manners Both at Home and in Public

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