Brunch Anyone?

March 11, 2012

Gothamist did a story about where to get the best pancakes in NYC (outside of Clinton Street bakery) last week. The winner?
I love me some Radegast and honestly, but I don’t think I ever had the pancakes there so this may warrant a visit from the Glorieux’s this weekend….

But all this talk of pancakes & Radegast reminded me that we haven’t done a list of kid friendly local restaurants yet so here are MY picks for having brunch locally:
1) Radegast - 113 N. 3rd Street
Yeah this is a biergarten and maybe kids have no place at a bar but you won’t be alone if you show up at noon on a weekend. AMAZING Bloody Mary’s and grub.
2) Brooklyn Bowl - 61 Wythe Street
Surprised, right? Well it is! Lots of room for roaming kids, Blue Ribbon grub and milkshakes!
3) Five Leaves - 18 Bedford Ave
The trick here is to go EARLY! They open at 8am and chances are you’ve been up for at least an hour! Ha! They don’t give you any ‘tude this early and most mornings when we get there at 8:30, 9 we’re the only people there!
4) Waffle & Wolf - 413 Graham Ave
While more fast food than sit down, this place is uber-kid friendly and delicious! You really can’t go wrong with Nutella & banana waffles no matter how old you are!

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux