Looking for a good acupuncturist?

March 09, 2012

I started getting acupuncture around age 12. I had chronic bronchitis at the time and my mom was sick of the rounds of antibiotics; especially because they weren’t working. After about the 3rd acupuncture visit, my bronchitis cleared & I never got it again. Ever since then I’ve been a devotee. It probably helps that my mom ended up becoming an acupuncturist (If you’re ever in Norfolk, VA check her out!)
We use many Chinese tinctures and herbs to clear up colds, sniffles & teething issues in our house too. If you’ve never tried it or are struggling with infertility, its a great health resource and urge you to check out one of the ladies below.

Here are a few of my favorite acupuncturists that are either local or Williamsburg/Greenpoint/Bushwick mammas*!

1) Isobeau Trybula/Worksong - I visited Isobeau every Saturday while I was pregnant with my first and loved every minute of it! She does community acupuncture which means you don’t get solo appointments; you share a room with others. I never minded, 99% of the time I fell asleep anyhow! Plus the price is good for any budget.

2) Ariel Deve de Leon/Tigerlilly Holistic - Ariel is a fellow momma and friend and when my husband got really sick early this year she was kind enough to do a home visit! She’s incredibly knowledgeable and gentle.

3) Sharon Yeung/Five Seasons Healing - Sharon is a local momma who practices near Union Square. Her specialty is fertility and she does kids!!

4) * Susan Wallmeyer - I’m cheating a bit here because Susan is not a local momma and she practices in Chelsea but I met her at a recent event and she had really great energy! She’s also doing a talk on Monday @ Metrominis about increasing fertility with acupuncture. Check out details here.

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux
Photo: Science Photo Library