Buttery Lemony Garlicky Capery Skate

March 07, 2012

My husband is a big skate fan (He’s French!) and one morning last year at the farmers market he asked me if I’d make him some skate. He said its delicious with just lemon, butter and capers. Sounded easy and boy was it! Skate is now MY new favorite fish to cook. Its so thin that it only takes a few minutes to cook and its mellow flavor meld nicely with almost anything! I do a version of this dish with tomato paste, onion, olives and fresh cilantro too!

2-4 Skate fillets
Ample Butter
Jar of Capers
Half a Lemon

I’m vague about the ingredients because I think its all how you like it.

Take the skate fillets and cover with flour, shake off excess.
In a frying pan, I heat up a TON of butter and when its hot (the bubbles have started popping) I throw down the fillets.
Cook 2-4 minutes (depending on thickness) on each side; as I said its thin and cooks relatively fast. Be careful when turning it too- its fragile!
Once cooked, transfer to dinner plates.
In the same pan, add lemon juice, salt, pepper, more butter if desired and handful of capers (I like to put a splash of the caper juice too) and a dash of honey (or agave or maple syrup) and heat on high.
The flour from the fish will help thicken the mixture. If not, add a tiny sprinkle of flour. Once thickened a bit, pour over fish.
I paired mine with Pioneer Woman adult green bean casserole and it was a hit!

Posted & photo by: Jessica Glorieux