Chic Mama

February 21, 2012

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am for the Marni for H&M collection. It is not only incredibly chic looking , it will be available at H&M which means it will not cost thousands of dollars. I have always been a huge Marni fan however not in my budget these days. Although I cannot buy the entire H&M line, one or two pieces will make this lady happy. Available March 8, 2012.


  • Photo#1¬†

Blouse $79.95

Silk Shorts:$49.95

Sandals: $59.95

  • Photo #2

Leather Top$149.

Pants: $79.95

Sequin Collar: $19.95

  • Photo #3

Silk Blouse $99.

Sleeveless Jacket $99

Leggings$ 39.9

Photos, Courtesy H&M