Express Yourself.

February 20, 2012


My son is creative, this I already know. He is also a ball of energy that has even manage to shock an emergency room doctor who while trying to hold my son down after he dislocated his elbow (happens often because he is that wild!) kept muttering”oh boy, you got a wild one.”

I’m not sure what it is about boys but something about a system puts them in a box and decides they must act a certain way. Of course I have my hands full. I have an energetic child who also entered the terrible 2’s a few weeks ago. I have to remind myself that if my son wants to play the keyboard and dance for an hour rather then sit still and read a book that I need to provide him with the tools that help him develop this love of music he seems to have. I of course want him to be able to be able to sit at a classroom table and work on his projects however I am working on the balance that works for MY child and the creativity he loves to explore each and every day. 

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Photo:Petit Bateu-Herman Dune