Edible Geography

February 17, 2012

Its no secret I’m a foodie but it wasn’t always so! Previous to marrying a Frenchie, I was probably the worlds MOST picky eater. I was vehemently opposed to the foods I disliked, sometimes even leaving a room/house/restaurant if they were around! My grandmother would always rib me about my eating habits and I’m sure in her mind my finickiness was a luxury! Imagine disavowing a food during the Depression or WW2?
I am happy to say that almost all (save for mustard & strange meat products, ew!) my aversions are long gone with the help of my husband and travel! Traveling is really great way to discover new and exciting foods to try and bring into the fold of our daily lives but travel sure slows down when you have kids so that’s why the Edible Geography blog is so exciting to me! What a freaking cool website! I love to learn about history and geography when it comes to food! Check out this cool banana story! Who knew?

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux
Photo: Joe Zachs