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February 07, 2012

I thought it might be really fun for E and I to make her first Valentine’s together so its something special she gets to hand out to all her preschool buds! I saw this idea on a blog and just love that it doesn’t include candy. And really what kid doesn’t love Goldfish? We’re going to change the card up a bit by making a card with glitter, pompoms and macaroni!
If you’re looking some inspiration for homemade Valentines, here are a few great ideas:
1) Fingerprint Valentines: Great way to get dirty and have fun!
2) Hand Valentines: You can always count on MS and her crew of RISD grads to come you with some sweet ideas. There are more here too.
3) Shrinky Dink Valentines: Super easy to do at home with #6 plastic and an oven!
4) Lollipop Valentine’s: I’m a huge Design Mom fan and I LOVE this personalization of V-Day cards!
5) Valentine Fairies: Probably for the older child but these are really sweet!

Posted by: Jessica Glorieux
Photo/project: NY Melrose Family blog