Budget Parent~The List

January 23, 2012

While I was at the park Saturday I was thinking of how for the last 3 winters new snow gear has been needed each season. With my son in the 100% percentile for height he usually wears two different size shoes and snow gears in one fall/winter. I have been pretty lucky, I get a ton of Patagonia from my sister who has two boys, I also was given hand me downs the first two years that has been immensely helpful. I am a bit of  a strong believer that there are certain items a parent can either obtain for free or buy second hand. I have a serious budget I have to keep for the next year, C will be in school more days and the bill, which has to be paid in advance is tremendous. As in I just received it Friday and couldn’t breathe tremendous. I have to think ahead and save money, I have been looking for deep discounts and plan to shop vintage for the staples that my son will need next school year. Thankfully Jessica is quite thrifty and has posted on this same issue in the past, click here for her great tips!

What you can buy second hand or free on message boards.

For Fall/Winter

  • Anything fleece
  • Jeans
  • Dark sleeve tees
  • Dark sweatshirts, free of stains lightweight sweaters
  • sweaters that look like they were knitted by grandma
  • sneakers
  • rain boots
  • snow boots
  • snow suit
  • puffer jackets

What I buy on sale 70% or more.

  • pajamas
  • socks
  • anything from the above list
  • the hipster stuff that brings up my kids look up a notch 

Photos, Stella McCartney, Crewcuts, piperlime, sorel boots.