Bright Eyes

January 17, 2012

I’m a California Girl. I am told at least once a week what a healthy glow I have. I truly hope I do not look like a cast member from Jersey Shore for I have been using bronzerand bright makeup since the days I hid may makeup in my backpack and applied it as soon as I hit the school grounds. My days of makeup deceit are now in the past and now as I am a tired mom I rely more and more on just the right makeup. I love Desire and Orgasm by Nars and a warm tone bronzer from Lorac. The trick is not to look clownish as my grandmother use to call me for she was privy to all my tricks when I was growing up. If bright makeup or bronzed isn’t your thing, I honestly feel that an ole fashion eyelash curler will never disappoint a tired face. 

My Favs:

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