January 08, 2012


Yesterday Jessica and I finally made our way to Frolic! the new play space opening tomorrow in our neighborhood. If you have peeked at Frolic’s website you may already know the space is 5,000 feet. When you walk into Frolic you will be greeted by a cheerful (but not nauseating) staff in the reception/cafe area.

The much talked about play area deserves the hype, kids are going to love it. The area is well cushioned by a cool rug designed by Julia Dawson, Frolics Co-Founder. Jessica and I both especially loved the Volkswagen the kids can play in, the tongue slide (think Rolling Stone not a scary slide in the shape of a tongue) is genius.

There is a stroller area, no leaving your stroller by the doorway and having to check that is hasn’t disappeared or carry it down a flight of stairs. There is also a a diaper station that doesn’t require waiting for a available bathroom. I believe (so much to take in) there were 3 rooms in the back that will work both as party rooms and class rooms. Carey Balogh and Julia Dawson, both come from a creative background which is pretty apparent in every nook and cranny of Frolic. What I most admire about the space is that it doesn’t feel like a project that will later become unraveled at the seams and lose it’s luster. This is apparent by the Creatures Symphony which is an interactive video wall that will be available for members. The best way I can explain this video wall is think the coolest iPad application you could have and as your child touches amazing images- music and sound is played. Designed by artist Theo Watson who has shown at the Moma not a beat (pun intended) was missed on making this a cool experience for members. 

Q&A with Carey Balogh and Julia Dawson, founders/owners of Frolic!

1. How did Frolic come about?
Carey: When Julia and I met we were both working crazy hours, both of us in fashion, I worked as a publicist and Julia as a design director for David Chu. Julia’s job entailed her traveling to Asia two weeks at a time while her son Rhys was just an infant. Like most new moms our priorities were changing and we wanted to find a better work life. There is a nice group of children in our building and at some point the basement where my husband Chris stores some of his music equipment became the hangout for moms, nannies and the kids. We all bonded in this basement with the added advantage of having cool things to play with. This all seem to fit when Julia came to me with the idea of going into business together. We both felt like we were in the same boat, although we still loved fashion we wanted out, starting a business seemed to just come organically since we both had the same goals.

What was the main goal?
Carey: Passion of music, people and wanting to bridge the gap of our old lifestyle with the new. Also, wanting to be around our kids and be in an environment where parents, kids and the community could bond, this was our main goal. 

As two busy mothers and now business owners, was putting a business together challenging, what/who has help you maintain your sanity?
Julia: I ‘ve always worked hard my adult life, and have a strong work ethic, together Carey and I have poured our hearts into Frolic.
You have to be willing to sacrifice, we’ve had very little time with our parents, no vacation, socializing. We have been putting all our work into making this happen. I think what has been key is that b
oth our husbands believed and gave us emotional support in our initial idea which became Frolic. Our friends and family have been supportive and encouraging, helping us to feel that we could make it happen.

I know this is jumping ahead but anything in the works for summer?
Julia: We are working on doing a summer camp, we want to do it right so we’re trying to figure out if it is a half day or full day. Getting to know our members and parents  will help us in getting a great summer schedule together.
Thank you Carey and Julia! xo MB

There are three tiers of membership enrollment, you do not have to be a member to enroll your child in classes. For information on classes, membership at Frolic stop by or email at:
The Edge, Williamsburg
34 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249 
(between Kent Avenue and the East River)