The New Mom Manicure?

January 04, 2012

I never get manicures, NEVER even when they are offered free through work. I do polish my nails, something I have been doing the last year and have gotten a bit addicted to changing my nail color every week. I work next to two beauty editors so I am influence by the latest beauty crazes since its a bit unavoidable and doing my nails at work isn’t frown upon like most workplace environments. Another reason I do not indulge in the weekly mani is money, I honestly hate spending the money and feel it is a luxury that I can’t afford with the boy’s preschool tuition. This past week with the holidays and time off from work I decided I needed to treat myself a bit to some chic nails. I went to Primp and Polish and had a shellac manicure which I am now calling the mom manicure. I’ve been hearing about the shellac for a bit however I didn’t realize how great a shellac looks. My nails have yet to chip, usually any manicure I receive lasts about a  day with all the dishes and picking up I do. I am in love with this manicure! So nice to feel put together regardless if only it maybe for a few weeks. Here is a good piece on the pros and cons on shellac-ing.

Photograph, Cupcakes and Cashmere