River School Not Coming To Williamsburg

December 20, 2011

at least for now. I received a letter today informing parents who applied for a possible spot in the River School that they were unable to obtain a long term lease at the Kent space. Seems after a year of what is described as tense negotiations the landlord pulled out of the deal. My son is very happy at his school were he is in the preschool 2’s however I was intrigued with the longer hours and great location the River School provided. I hate the thought of my child being in school for such long days but I work and half days or being stay at home mom is not an option for me. From talking to other parents I learnt that the River School has a solid reputation and a strong curriculum. Having a few more strong options in our area helps a parent feel that they have more power in deciding the right care/school for their child especially for the parents who will be experiencing their first year of preschool. Williamsburg and Greenpoint still have great options such as the Greenpoint Y, which I only hear amazing things about, however the 2’s and 3’s preschool program fill quickly and the waiting lists are long. Even the expensive schools have waiting lists. My son has speech delay, every week his words grow stronger, his teachers have a lot to do with this and its shows by his obsession with them and his happy personality when he is picked up. Thankfully, we signed up a few weeks ago to continue at the current school. I am happy with our decision yet I will spend another year stressing on the cost, the what and who will be picking him up once mid afternoon hits- a minor problem in the scheme of things (the pick up, not the money-that is always stressful) in the crazy world of preschool politics. Click here to read the letter for the River School.