December 18, 2011

I’ve been home all weekend(again) with my coxsackie ill toddler. Thankfully he is getting better and I have been able to organize the teacher presents. Six presents are given this year, 6! I have had to be creative on what is given and stick to a (very) small budget. For the wrapping I have only used recycled trimmings. The paper is from my co- worker’s garbage , the ribbon I collected from past presents and the small ornaments were also in my co- worker’s throw away pile. I have also used Trader Joe bags and other shopping bags as wrapping and frankly the presents are looking great. My tips are to look around your home, you may be surprised on the things you have for wrapping. Old costume jewelry, old postcards as tags-a little creativity can go a long way and save you $ which is the ultimate gift .