Brooklyn In The House-a neighborhood gift guide.

November 25, 2011

It would only be fitting for us to start posting about our favorite gift guide items with shopping that can be done right in our own neighborhood! Later this week we’ll feature great online gifts for $50 and less.

  1. Ouef Bat Boy Hat, Sweet William, $48
  2. Soopsori Wooded Robt, Caribou Baby, $29
  3. Dagmar Daley Worker Vest, Sweet William, $68 beau ideal editions
  4. 3 Sprouts Zebra Storage Bin, darling clementime, $40
  5. Nature Baby, I HEART TREES, Caribou Baby, $29.95
  6. Manimal Ankle Moc, Sweet William, $104
  7. Popupshop, Leopard Dress, Sweet William, $62
  8. Federick Winsor, Space Child’s Mother Goose, Spoonbill and Sugartown, $13.95 
  9. Mayoral Faux Fur Vest, smoochie baby, $54
  10. Beau Ideal Editions Dena Print,, $18
  11. Like A Bike Forest, Flying Squirrel, $319
  12. Charley Harper Nesting Block, darling clementime, $25
  13. Gnome EnterprisesFox Onsie, $24
  14. Great Plains Teepee, smoochie baby, $165