$5 Printable for the Nursery March 19 2013

We have baby brain here at Casa Ladd as we await Bee’s baby and I keep gravitating to all things baby! Good thing I edit a parent blog. This print from Olive and Birch can be purchase as a jpeg, all you do is send your prefer size 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, or any square size) and it is only $5. Love it!

Snacking Smart March 18 2013

As someone who didn’t grow up eating a lot of snacks its a bit shocking on how I (with my husbands help, the OG original Ladd snack-er) have created a snack monster! We are trying to minimize the snacks.Very hard. While we work on minimizing this habit in our lives here are some healthy snacks that at least make the transition to healthier ones a bit easier.

20 Best Snacks via Parenting.com

Worthy Lunch Snacks 

8 Fun Healthy Snacks Via This Chick Cooks

Photo, Motherburg

Chic Mama, easing into spring March 18 2013



The first day of Spring is fast approaching (March 20th to be exact) yet it is 30 ish degrees here in Brooklyn. The thing is I am sick of my winter clothes and as soon as the sun is shining longer days here I do everything in my power to give the illusion of a sunnier disposition. Most of us already have reliable layering pieces like a warm vest, tees and our favorite jean. I have such an itch to shop but everytime I think I can a bill or something big like summer camp tuition comes up. So I’m thinking just a bit here or there is what I can do. I love blouses so I’ll add one to my jean and sneak a tee under for warmth and I have a lot of faux fur and shearling vests that I wear probably a bit too much but hey it’s called a reliable piece for a reason. I also think puffer vests look quite chic with blouses so don’t store that puffer quite yet. The key is to think of a few places you can wear a new piece to regardles if it’s $30 or $300; you deserve for your wardrobe to work hard for you.


Sherling vest and tee form Outnet. Jeans can be purchased on all price level from Shopbop to Old Navy.

Add ons:

Rebecca Taylor Hawaii Piped Shirt 

Splendid Stripe Jersey Top Via Netaporter

Knited mixed Yard Jacket via Topshop

The Andie Sandel via Madewell

Stampdot Statement Necklace with Turquoise via Madewell

Top Photo Source:Vogue.com

New Post March 16 2013

Happy Weekend.

LDBA Creativity is in the air... March 15 2013

Creativity is in the air here at LDBA, with 2 fantastic artist series children’s classes coming up on March 23rd. 

The first focuses on Russian Painter Kandinsky, and the second on Spanish born Picasso.

In the Kandinsky Study we will explore the world through the eyes of the artist. By identifying line, curve and shape we begin to recognize that everything we see around us is made up of these simple components. This is the way Kandinsky saw the world. We then take a stroll through our “Kandinsky Art Gallery” to study the way that Kandinsky transformed the shapes we see around us by arranging them into beautiful works of art. Next we make our own ‘Kandinsky’ using stencils that are patterned directly from the paintings in the gallery. Students will have access to a large variety of medium (paper, watercolors, pastels, etc.) to play and let their imaginations run wild! 

Your child’s original artwork 

To sign-up:
Purchase now

Ages 5 and up

Pablo Picasso was the co-inventor of collage, from the French coller meaning “to glue.” In this class we explore ways to create works using methods popular among the surrealists such as “cubomania” and “parallel collage.” These exercises teach us 

that the creation of art can be as simple as the rearrangement of existing elements. We culminate by creating a collective collage mural from the scraps of the previous works demonstrating that art can truly be made of anything! 

Your child’s original artwork 

To sign-up:
Purchase now

Ages 4 and up

Classes 90 minutes and are held at Picture Farm, 338 Wythe Ave in Williamsburg. 

Posted by Sara Moffat, LDBA

New Post March 15 2013

Artist Hong Yi | Posted by devidsketchbook.com

Artist Hong Yi | Posted by devidsketchbook.com

Artist Hong Yi | Posted by devidsketchbook.com

Artist Hong Yi | Posted by devidsketchbook.com

Artist Hong Yi | Posted by devidsketchbook.com

Wow this is Amazing!



Malaysian artist and architect Hong Yi  aka Red Hong (facebook)

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Strike a pose, 26 Bikram Yoga Poses March 15 2013

If like me you make excuses to go to the gym. It’s not easy! Okay there I go, I can’t help it and I really do feel like I have legitimate reasons for not going to the gym daily however exercise is essential for a balance life and the plus is you start fitting into those favorite jeans. So my new thing is to at least practice classic yoga poses and couple this with my restorative yoga that I do take. Click here for 26 Healthy Yoga Postures via missclinic

DYI Morning Sickness Candies March 13 2013

One of my favorites - DIY Ginger and Mint fro Tried and True Blog. Vanessa Brady is a friend of mine from high school and her blog is choked full of wonderful diy projects!
Theseinger and Mint are fabulous morning sickness cures and these look amazing and easy to do. I haven’t done them yet but the next good friend I have, I’m headed to Brooklyn Kitchen and going to do some candy making.
The complete tutorial is here.

Photo: Tried and True

Healthy Snack: Frozen Peanut Banana Nibblers March 12 2013

We made these banana nibblers over the weekend, HUGE hit. If your child is eating peanut butter these are great snacks. My husband goes through at least three jars of Peanut Butter monthly- my foodie friend turned us on to Peanut Butter & Co . Another peanut butter + banana como snack/pancake that Oh Joy! posted on looks yummy as well.

Frozen Nutty Banana Nibblers


5 medium ripe bananas
1 tbsp. all natural creamy peanut butter
2 oz. nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt


  1. Peel one banana and mash it with the peanut butter and yogurt. Set aside.
  2. Peel the other four bananas. Slice into half-inch thick slices. Smear the banana, peanut butter, and yogurt mixture on half the banana slices and top with the other halves, making banana sandwiches. Place on a wooden cutting board or a plate and freeze for at least two hours.

Recipe-Photo via Fitsugar

Chic mama Beauty, should you dye your hair while pregnant? March 12 2013

It’s debatable that dying your hair causes birth defects for they haven’t been proven safe or unsafe. However for some women the question if you should dye your hair while pregnant seems to come up as soon as the roots start popping up. I know the Beauty Editor at my office says not to unless you are a few months in and the scalp isn’t touch. Also, when you set up the appointment ask the salon what dyes they use and if they regularly service pregnant women. I had the itch to highlight my hair while in my last trimester, I chose a high end salon that uses European brands since Europe sets strict limits on chemicals. The chi chi salons take the time to do your hair well, at least this has been my experience, when I called the salon they asked me many questions before they booked me. The highlights were a fortune and as you know I now do my own highlights but when expecting I believe you leave it to the experts.

The following safety tips from American Pregnancy should be followed when chemically treating your hair:

  • Consider waiting until the second trimester for hair dye, bleaching, permanents or straightening.
  • Have the treatment completed in a well-ventilated area.
  • Don’t leave the chemicals on your head any longer than necessary.
  • Rinse your scalp thoroughly with water after treatment.
  • Wear gloves when applying chemicals.
  • Carefully follow directions on the product package.
  • Do a patch test for allergic reactions before completing the process
  • Never dye or bleach eyebrows or eyelashes. This could cause swelling or increase risk of infection in the eye area.

Reinterpreting Mom March 11 2013

I work in publishing and in the last few months I’ve run into very talented women who are at a point in their lives where they have been suddenly let go or the non- publishing women I know complain to me they are being pushed out of their profession- unable to compete with fellow workers who can work longer hours. Some just find that a career that they once loved no longer works with their lives as a mother. So many feel they need to re-invent themselves or find a job that supports them as mothers, not easy but some companies that understand the mom do exist. My sister works for an amazing company that really supports the mom in many ways, one amazing perk- it provides on site daycare as part of your position! I think for some moms, small steps need to be taken for a day job is a necessity to keep the family secured. What steps can be taken?  From my experience I really felt that reading about other successful moms helped and it help me to set up a goal plan. I enjoyed Mom Inc and The Right Brain Business Plan. These are more for creating your own business however this is something I think we need to at least entertain for you never know, it may be scary to go out on your own but  it may be an incredible experience. Also, thinking out the box and what you are capable of is a good confidence booster. I also only share my future goals with a trusted few, all fellow moms that are only supportive and encouraging. Example: if I tell my mom I am having a challenging day at work, she instantly worries I am losing my job, so Latin mother only hears the good stuff. Trusted friends hear everything.  Also, reading up on what other moms have done for their career has help me to streamline what I want, build up my self esteem and make my job at work work for me while I map out my future.

This was a fun article to read, who knew there are apps like this?

Always wanted to be a Organic Farm Manager? According to The Stir it’s one of the Top 100 jobs for moms.

Photo, Superheros

Between Seasons, Chic Mama to-be style. March 11 2013


Yes- it’s sunny outside yet there is still a chill in the air out there. I preach so much on  the transitional wardrobe then building on it especially between seasons. What if your pregnant and the fall clothes are tightening up yet you need new items to go another 6-7 months and not sure what to buy? For someone who is constantly around clothes I recall the frustration on not wanting to buy too much yet I wanted to feel stylish. Trial  and error always led me back to a wardrobe that was classic yet stylish. Adding fun pieces in the later months always fell right into place with every piece I had originally  picked as my starting point. My four piece suggestions are quite simple and some if not most are meant to be permanent.

1. Everything about this coat is perfect. The military style is lasting, the cut opens up to a swing leaving room for a belly,the hem falls in a flattering point so it can also work with dresses and skirts. Buy one to two sizes up if you need to layer. Via Zara

2. A good bag that doesn’t add extra weight or rest too heavily on your shoulders is essential. I always find great bags at Zara.

3. Yes, I am a big believer in the jegging, buy the expensive one if you plan to wear it threadbare or go cheap if you plan to buy a few. Trust me there will be days in your pregnancy where a dress or skirt feels too short and a good jegging will give you the coverage you crave. Plus it’s flattering! Topshop via Nordstrom

4. A great scarf that is light and will work even in summer is no nonsense yet chic. Definitely do not be afraid to mix it with a print as long as it doesn’t feel too clashy. Obsess with all things Lem Lem. Via Lem Lem

More Chic Mama Suggestions from past posts:

Creative Maternity Picks

Maternity Under $50, although most sold out this gives youa n idea on what you can buy on the cheap.

Top Photo: The Northern Light

Bottom: Motherburg

Happy Weekend. March 08 2013

Source: tumblr.com via Donna on Pinterest

The Mom Juggler March 08 2013

I just  returned from a work trip. There are pros and cons to being away for work. The Pro’s : I get to sleep a bit longer, take uninterrupted showers and get to eat yummy food while surrounded by pretty views. The Con’s:  I am away from my son and I miss him immediately. Although once loved- I really hate travelling for work now that I am a mother for I feel that I rather be with my boy and hearing about his field trip or what words he learned that day. The biggest repercussion? I come back home and deal with a very happy child then about 2 hours after my joyous return the tantrums hit once he realizes that I am safely back and now he can exact his revenge. This is usually coupled by the mass emails work starts sending once they have gotten whiff of my return as well as the piles of dirty clothes that didn’t seem to make their way into a laundry bag. Yup. Laundry doesn’t seem to walk into the basket on it’s own. I wish I could give a neat little list on how I deal with all this stuff but I honestly have good days of keeping it all together and some days just good enough will have to do. By the time I made my way onto the plane yesterday, I felt exhausted and wonder how I would sum up the energy for my energetic boy. By some force of nature a wonderful woman sat next to me as she shared her stories of raising her ADD daughter (just graduated Stanford) and a son with Aspergers. She was frank with her parenting wisdom and I appreciated her tips and those words she said to me as we landed, words mothers need to hear when we are bone tired. “You are doing a great job, be easy on yourself and I understand how your feel.  ”

Photo, Source: sea-of-ice.deviantart.com via S E G E L on Pinterest

4-Fathers March 08 2013

Thank you Marlon from 4FATHERS who looped us in on the photo journal he curates. This is a self-published journal that celebrates fatherhood through photography and visual arts. 

Who is 4-Feathers?
My name is Marlon Cole, born in Queens raised in Brooklyn (my parents are originally from Guyana). I started forFATHERS project after the birth of my sun. The project is a celebration of fatherhood through candid photographs and other visual aids of fathers and their children. I felt it was important to document the project through the use of visuals, so I reached out to photographers and other visual artist and began curating the site.

I  created 4FATHERS Photo Journal, which comes out bi-annually. The whole project is very important and needs to be recognized because there aren’t many firm images that I feel represent fathers, so I felt it was my duty to show that fathers are needed just as much as mothers and by using this project I hope it’ll help lessen the burden of mothers always having to carry the weight of being a parent. Fathers are here, I’m here and I just want to tell that side of the story.
Favorite song lyric
“Life as shorty shouldn’t be so rough.” - C.R.E.A.M., Wu-Tang Clan
That lyric stands out to me, because I really believe in a child being a child, not having to grow up so fast. I really encourage that especially with my sun - I don’t want him to grow up too fast; I want him to enjoy being a child.
I’m inspired by
New York. The different cultures especially in Brooklyn you can find people from all over the world here. My background is in Graphic Design so I’d say good design inspires me. Also my sun, watching him grow and seeing life become its own - that’s definitely an inspiration! Watching his character develop, as a father that makes me really proud.
My icons past or present
Past: Marvin Gaye, in particular the ‘Here, My Dear’ album. It speaks volumes, as he was able to express the demons that he was going through at the time. I think it’s something everyone can relate to, especially as a man.
When things are going bad, don’t fight it. Don’t try and control every situation. You just have to let things be.


Photo credit: 4Fathers

WillVille - New Gift Store in Williamsburg March 07 2013

I can’t believe its taken me this long to post about the new kids on the block - WillVille. Located steps away from the Bedford L station on Driggs, this sweet little haven for local Brooklyn artists is a great place to find a gift for all people big and small. The shop has sweet little gifts for babies and kids + books and illustrations by local artists. As well as onesies and t-shirts for all. 
Worth stopping by! 

Will Ville
540 Driggs Ave, Williamsburg Brooklyn
No website, just a Facebook. 

Going Wheat Free March 06 2013

So C isn’t the only one with a wheat free diet… After reading more and more about wheat and struggling with fatigue (I know- I have two kids but still…) I thought I might try wheat/gluten free out for a few months and see if I noticed any changes in my energy level. Plus I’ve read a lot about getting your system to be less acidic and wheat contributes to acidity in your system. My stepmom and dad do gluten free cleanses 4x a year and my stepmom swears it helps clean out the gunk, yeast and she feels better for weeks after. In fact, they’ve pretty much become vegan with little to no wheat in their diet and both have dropped 30+ lbs apiece.
So how is it going? So far, so hard! Its amazing how much wheat is in everything I eat and how mindlessly I eat it! A handful of peanut butter crackers here, a sandwich there, bagel there, a slice of pizza well anytime…. In fact on Saturday night, everyone wanted pizza and I had to have a salad. It was a lovely salad but I would have loved some gooey cheesy yumminess too!
Other observations:
-Ignoring wheat almost forces you to eat better. Dinner now consists mainly of veggies and protein, lunch is similar…
-One downside however is I feel hungry all the time. This is day 4 so hopefully that will subside soon!

I can’t recommend the choice one way or another but I’ll let you know how it goes! If you’re also been flirting with the idea as well, here are a few great resources and places for cooking inspiration:

Wheat Belly
Wheat Free Mom

I’ll do an update in April and let you know how it goes!!

Photo: Solutions Naturopath

Kids Food Festival - A Wrap-up March 06 2013

On Sunday, we ventured over to Bryant Park for the 2013 Kids Food Festival. The idea behind the festival is to educate children on food to support a lifelong habit of eating well. There was plenty to do and see and tons of free delicious food for kids to sample.
They also had cooking demos (the above are my two making gluten free waffles) that were great fun. The kids got to mix, cut & enjoy their creations! Many of the brands that we know and love there there (Hey Lifeway & Honest Kids) and we discovered a few new things we loved like Kerrygold cheese and Creative Kitchen.
Creative Kitchen is such a genius idea! They organize kids cooking classes for birthday parties, playdates and preschools that teach children the value of delicious food through cooking. They set up a fun play space for kids to play with fake food and we noshed on some hot dogs and spaghetti ;)

Other notable discoveries: Today I Ate A Rainbow - a game for kids to encourage eating their fruits and veggies.

Looking forward to next year’s event!

Power Struggles with Toddlers: Taming Your Tiny Tyrant March 04 2013

If you are suddenly in toddler world with your child and find that the daily tantrums are throwing you off  I found this article really helpful when my son started his.

Power struggles with toddlers take many parents by surprise. In the blink of an eye, your sweet, happy baby has been replaced with an impossible handful. Suddenly the easy-going tot you used to have now replies to every suggestion with an automatic “no!” and seems to enjoy testing the limits of your patience with his stubborn refusal to cooperate.

Way back when, before you had your first child, you probably observed other parents struggling with a willful toddler. You might even have had the occasional judgmental thought about the mom who was attempting to drag a screaming two-year-old away from the toy department, his entire body stiffened to resist her, or the dad frantically pleading with his small child to put on his shoes. “Just make him do it!” you probably thought. “Who’s the parent here?”

But suddenly the scene is all too familiar, and power struggles are a regular part of your day. You’re so used to your toddler being contrary you’ve started to wonder if his vocabulary even includes the word “yes” any more. It seems that everyone has an opinion on how you should be handling the situation—but the last thing you feel like doing after an epic battle with junior is keeping your cool while Auntie Betty dishes out her well-intentioned, but oh-so-critical “advice.”

It’s not just you. Power struggles with toddlers are almost a rite of passage, and there are several typical causes:

  • Age. He’s 2. Period. Sometimes it’s really that simple. Constance Katz, PhD, a psychologist in private practice in New York City and faculty member of the William Alanson White Institute, notes that “at this age, the desire to say ‘no’ is a normal developmental event—it’s like exercising a muscle.”
  • Attention. Some power struggles are really your child fighting for your attention—even if that attention is negative. Spend several minutes a day giving your undivided attention to your child. You don’t have to do anything fancy—your toddler will enjoy building block towers with you, or reading a story together.
  • Stress. Have you ever noticed that the biggest battles happen at the most inconvenient times? It’s not only you that feels the pressure when you’re late for preschool or rushing to make a doctor’s appointment. Feeling hurried and anxious makes your toddler stressed, and his efforts to fight for power are his own attempts to feel in control. Build in some extra time to your everyday routines if you notice this is a common theme in your household.

Even if you can’t figure out a specific cause for the power struggles, there are things you can do to prevent everyday issues from becoming epic shouting matches.

  • Define the deal-breakers. Not everything is worth fighting over—but some rules are set in stone. Make sure your toddler knows your limits: no running into the street and no hitting, for example. Then stick to them, every single time. Don’t defend your decision or get sucked into arguments. There’s no need to negotiate. Just calmly state your decision, then drop the issue.
  • Pick your battles. Let the little things slide. It’s annoying that your kid turns his nose up at the last of the veggies, but is it worth a full-scale war? Is it the end of the world if he wants to wear a cape and rain boots to the grocery store? Ask yourself if the issue really matters. If it doesn’t affect his health, safety or wellbeing, it probably isn’t worth affecting your blood pressure over.
  • Offer choices. When you give your toddler a choice, you give him the ability to have some power of his own, while making a decision that’s also acceptable to you—a win-win situation for everyone. Instead of telling him he’s wearing the blue t-shirt—then battling with him when he says no—ask him if he wants the blue t-shirt or the orange. Dr. Katz observes that a choice can almost always be found—for example, asking, “Do you want half a glass of milk, or a whole glass of milk?” But in situations when choices simply aren’t possible, Katz suggests telling your child, “You know I like to give you a choice when I can. But this time you have to do xyz.”

Even in the most difficult situations, it’s important to keep your power as the parent. Katz points out that it’s incredibly difficult for a child to lose parental structure and become the boss at the age of 2 or 3.

  • Stay calm. Once you overreact or lose your temper, you also lose your authority.
  • Don’t give in to tantrums. After twenty minutes of screaming, you’re probaby tempted to just give in for the sake of peace. But if your toddler realizes he can wear you down, you’re encouraging him to scream louder and longer the next time.

It’s unrealistic to expect that you’ll avoid all power struggles—after all, this age is called the terrible two’s for a reason. But by choosing your battles wisely and refusing to get drawn into the drama, you’ll keep the upper hand. Reassure yourself this won’t last forever. Dr. Mark Roberts, Director of Clinical Training at Idaho State University says that tantrums and disobeying parental instruction are “routine problems” for American two- and three-year olds, but “should resolve well by age 4” in response to these ‘authoritative’ parenting techniques, including setting limits while still providing support for his growing independence.

Author: By Tia Benjamin via Education.comPhoto, By Ida Wyman

Chic Mama, The Un-Diaper Bag March 04 2013

Diaper bags are great and the thoughtful design of extra pockets, durable fabric and all those little extras is appreciated. However there comes a time when you are still lugging baby/toddler or kid essentials and need ONE bag to be the bag that works all day. Here are our favorites:

1. This is basically a high quality canvas bag. Well made the kind of construction put in a leather bag -this bag will be more durable, easy to wipe off stains and works with just about everything you’re wearing. Canvas Stripe Tote via Clare Vivier

2. A great bag that you can hook onto the stroller if you are going straight to work or appointments. I wouldn’t use it if I had to handle carrying baby for it has a short handle but with ample room this is a great bag that is perfect when you throw work in the equation. Shopper with Braided Handles via Zara

3. One of my favorite new lines. I love the canvas bags and how they have so much room yet are easy to care. They come in leather also but the canvas bags price feel a bit more do-able. Want Les Essentials De La Vie Mirabel Organic Shopper Bag via Bird

4. This bag will be perfect as we go into spring and summer since its made out of vinyl. This design is cool and will dress up the most casual outfit. Mara Hoffman Vinyl Printed bag via Zappos

5. A dressier version of a messenger bag this one can be carried or worn across ed body which is great when juggling a million things including child/children daily. Messenger in Azul via Clare Vivier

6. If your day is about function over fashion then a back pack is where your at. This bag is made by a well respected company known for their durable outerwear. Which is great for this bag is made to last with some great extras such as waterproof touches. It doesn’t hurt that its made with fun colors. Penfield Idlewood Backpack via Madewell.

The Renegade Craft Fair is now taking applications. March 02 2013

Applications are open until March 22nd. Are you a secret designer? Do you have some jewelry you make for friends yet everyone tells you to sell your designs? This is the best fair, go for it and send out your application!

Happy Weekend. March 01 2013

7 Essential Social Skills (for Preschoolers) March 01 2013

There’s a lot of talk about academic readiness skills for children who are entering kindergarten, but being ready for school isn’t just about mastering academic skills.  Whether your child attends preschool or you find other socialization opportunities for him, by the time kindergarten rolls around he should be able to sail the “seven C’s” of preschool social skills.

1. Conversation

Preschoolers typically like to talk, but not always to each other. That was the case for mom Cathy L., who noticed the other kids in her son’s preschool class had conversations with each other while her son spoke mainly to her.

At 3 and 4 years old, children should be practicing the skills of conversation: talking in turn, staying on topic, and even reading other people’s emotions and facial expressions. If your child is shy, he may require some extra time to gain this skill. That’s okay. As Circle of Moms member MaryEllen C. says: “Provide opportunities for making friends and joining in, but let the child decide when they are ready.”

Keep reading to learn all seven.

2. Cooperation

Cooperation involves a lot more than just sharing, which is good because even by the end of preschool, children are still sharing more grudgingly than gracefully.  Cooperation is also the ability to get along with others.  

At age 3 this is tough, as mom Emily P. discovered when her good-natured son went through a phase of hitting, kicking and grabbing. By age 4, it’s a little easier. Since the ability to cooperate with others improves both with age and practice, making sure your child has opportunities to play with groups of peers is key in helping to build cooperative skills.

3. Conflict Resolution

A preschooler’s mind is not entirely logical, and at this stage, kids are not typically great at solving problems. Some Circle of Moms members say their preschoolers resort to hitting to get what they want. While disturbing, it’s a pretty common behavior borne of frustration.

As mom and preschool worker Michelle B. explains, kids use hitting to express what they can’t say. Once they have learned to “use their words” to express their frustration, the hitting typically stops.

By age 5, and with practice, your child will probably be able to sit down with a peer and have a rudimentary conversation about their issue. Don’t expect them to be able to come up with a fair compromise, though. That’s a much more advanced social skill, one that even some adults have trouble with!

4. Communication

One of the most noticeable social skills your child will gain during the preschool years is the ability to communicate more clearly. Brandy B. is one of the many moms who remark on how much their children’s speech has improved after starting preschool. “[My son’s]vocabulary has expanded greatly and speech clarity has improved immensely.”

That’s a great start, but there’s more to this skill than just speaking clearly. Communicating well also includes the ability to express feelings, needs, wants, and knowledge to new people.

5. Confidence

Most preschoolers are all about being independent and trying to do things themselves. While sometimes that push for independence is too strong, more often it’s a way to build self-esteem and confidence. 

While you may be tempted to do things for her or to correct little mistakes, it’s important for your child to take the initiative. Feeling good about her abilities and herself is a social skill that will serve your child well for life.

6. Self-Control

Learning self-control is an ongoing skill, but it begins when your child is of preschool age. That’s good news if you’re mom to one of the many 3-year-olds who have a penchant for biting

There’s truth in the words of mom Marilyn C. who says, “Biting is something they usually grow out of.” As your child’s ability to understand cause and effect becomes more fine-tuned and his ability to control his emotions increases, his need to bite usually decreases.  

7. Curiosity

Though the Man in the Yellow Hat may disagree, curiosity is a skill to celebrate. It’s what allows your child to explore the world, ask questions and draw conclusions. Encouraging this skill by planning activities that engage your child’s curiosity will give him a leg up when it comes to formal learning.

Author  via POPSUGAR

Photo Source: Source: helenpe.choicestockholm.com  on Pinterest


New Kid on the Block, Bright Horizon at Kent Avenue March 01 2013

I first heard of Bright Horizon when I started using the center as back -up care for my son. It’s been a few years now and my son screams with delight when I tell him we’re were going. Imagine my surprise when Jessica told me a few months back that a Bright Horizon would be opening up 2013 in our neighborhood! I recently visited the center which will serve children from ages 6 weeks to 6 years and was impressed with the classrooms and the eager teachers who shared the curriculum with me. The curriculum is vast and I suggest contacting the site for more information. I also attached a fact sheet below with an email and some highlights that the center will be providing.

Kent Avenue Fact Sheet: