What ever baby wants, list of baby/newborn essentials

October 30, 2012

My sister in law Bee is pregnant and has been asking for some product suggestions- so expect to start seeing quite a few posts on all things newborn/baby here on MB. I forgot how much I love newborn clothes, so cute! A word about what is an essential, this list has some items that may feel pricey if you’re watching your money. You’re going to get those friends who want to get you something special. My registry was at Target, which surprised my fashion-y New york Friends, but I knew I was going to need certain baby items and I found Target to be a great resource for these items. My Brooklyn/New York friends? They ignored my registry and gave me beautiful toys from Paris, Japanese baby onesies, cashmere sweaters. I’m already plotting what Bee’s baby will have in her/his closet, budget be damn!

The List:

1. Keep those toes toasty with Egg by Susan Lazar Faux Booties via Giggle, $28. 

2. My son still cuddles up to his baby blankets, I really cherish them. Dream Blanket by Up Up  & Away via darling clementine, $49

3. I loved these little gown sets, I was a bit anti blanket when sleeping at the newborn stage and used these gowns and sleep-sacks. Circo Newborn Long-Sleeve 2 Pack via Target, $8.99

4. I know so many moms who newborns had such terrible reactions to diaper rash, to be safe I opted for the most natural. They also last forever- mum bub via darling clementine, $29.95

5. I cannot lie I loved all the little cozy sweaters for my little one, these sweaters are tucked away for a possible #2 or for when my boy has his own family. Ketiketa hand knit cholo via Sweet William, $178. Here is a fun cozy fleece to bundle in for under $10 at MB’s afordable kids stores Children Place.

6. These little bottoms are so perfect when you are still at home and want baby to wear a bit more then a onesie. Circo 2 pack pant via Target, $6.99

7. Cozy hats are a must, I bought some imitators and they frayed and baby had in mouth, not cool so made well is how I roll. My sister sent me a hat from Peru and C wore it all the time, it was perfect. Can’t go to Peru? Try Alpacca Solid Hat by Egg, $44.

8. I wish I had been more educated on the benefits of a wool cover bottom. Caribou Baby wasn’t open when I was pregnant thankfully it is now. Each time I walk in I learn more which is a wool bottom is a eco- friendly diaper and can also hold a diaper in at night. Sloomb Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Covers via Caribou Baby, $42.95

9. I found having swaddles essential, it was the only way Charlie slept, tuck in like a little tamale! Mela Bamboo Swaddles via Giggle, pack of 3 for $45. Also Target has a 4 pack of the popular Aden & Anais for $35

10. I received the wool mittens as a hand me down, soon as my baby was done they went on to the next. I believe they are with baby#5. They are the only gloves we didn;t lose or could be torn off. So much warmth. Makie wool fleece baby mittens via Thumbeline, $15.40.

11. I am a sucker for anything Oeuf, these little booties will keep baby warm since thir made with alpaca. Perfect baby gift. Animal Booties via Oeuf, $48.

12. All my clothes would have been ruin if it had not been for burp cloths. I saved the fancy ones for when we were at restaurants or running around thus giving into the illusion that babies are TrèsChic, so Brooklyn. Mod About Baby Burp Cloths via Land Of Nod 2 pack for $20. 

13. Buy these, register for these, they are the best-trust me. Newborn Gerber White 5pk onesies via Target, $9.99.