4 Bottles for breastfeeding babies

May 06, 2013


The one thing I realized early into breast feeding is that I needed to work some shifts out with my husband. My son only wanted to be breast fed and finding the right bottle was a challenge. When I return to work and would breast feed when I returned home , we also struggled with the switch until we really found the right bottle that helped ALL of us.

If you are searching for an in between bottle for baby or are working on your registry and know you’ll also be bottle feeding here are a few of my edited picks!

Medela Calma Bottle   Key features: BPA FREE, vented nipple, compatible with Medela breastpump bottles I spoke with an Medela expert extensively on this bottle and was impressed with such a well designed bottle. The sole point of this bottle is that a mother can switch from breast to bottle with ease. The milk will only flow when your baby ignitiates the flow much like breast feeding. The nipple also never changes sizes like some bottles. 

Mimijumi Baby Bottle Key features: BPA-latex free. Integrated venting to prevent colic. A tan, textured nipple with a bottle at an angle is all design to mimic the breast. I had never heard of this bottle and learnt of it as I started to see many moms using it while out and about. The angle seems to be what most moms and babies like- for the baby can cup the bottle.  

Tommee Tipee Bottles  Key features: BPA and Phthalate free, soft -flexible nipple. Designed as a transition to bottle feeding from breast feeding this bottles nipple moves to mimic a real nipple and a valve helps prevent air intake .

Playtex Drop Ins  Key features: BPA Free liners, Pre-sterilized for a clean bottle, 100% Leak-proof guarantee These bottles seem old school to me, I recall my sister using something similar 20 years ago! However the Playtex Drop Ins are quite popular and I was pleasantly surprised by my research how well they worked and mothers seem to really love them . I like them for their affordability and their promise to reduce colic.

Posted by Donna