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August 28, 2016





I remember when I had the initial feeling that I might be pregnant. I can tell you exactly where and on what day (it was a national holiday!) I purchased my first pregnancy test. We had been visiting my sister and her family for a long weekend. I felt 'off' all weekend. Could I be?!?  We flew home. I told my husband I had a hunch.  I walked to the drugstore. Bought a two pack. And came home. Longest few minutes of my life!  I had my husband look first once it was time. I knew that if it had been negative I would have felt disappointed. So I wanted him to look first.  Prepare me for the news.  It was positive!  I was so happy. And so began our family. That week I stopped after work and bought pregnancy books. I remember reading them on the subway ride home and feeling a mixture of emotions. Excitement. Fear. More excitement. More fear. 

We told people rather early. And that resulted in a few sweet gifts early on. Many mamas have a baby shower. Who doesn't love getting a ton of presents?! But, let's be honest. While the gifts benefit you and your parental needs, and they are for a baby that will be yours, they are baby gifts. So, it's nice to have a few things that are geared toward you, aka, the mama.

I remember being a newly pregnant mama and doing hours upon hours of research to find the safest gear and the safest products for my family. Heck, I'm still constantly researching. This is why we are a bit picky on who we partner with, we only want brands and resources we use. If I had a dollar for every time either Donna or myself was frustrated with a huge mega brand online purchase or poor customer service (why.. oh why can’t they understand that a new mom is tired and the last thing she wants to be doing is calling you on a late or wrong item?) we would have some serious spending money. Which is where The Baby Cubby comes in. It's both a brick and mortar as well as a great online store. You get that they care about what they sell and that they test products - which is a big for me. Tried and true moms test their inventory.  They carry tons of my favorite brands. They spend their time researching so we don't have to, and carry only the best and safest stuff for your little one.  Plus, they price match (even online mega stores!!). Are you ready to shop?

Rocker: One of my favorite things to do for an expecting mama, is give a group gift that is a nice gear piece that you know will get some use.  Something you know a mama wants, but might be a splurge, so, she's super happy to get it from her group of gal friends.  I'm a huge fan of 4moms. Their gear doesn’t look fussy and fits into my décor seamlessly.  And when baby gear is all over your living room, you want to look at nice things!  This RockaRoo is a perfect gift for a mom to be. I'd love to say all, but my experience with my 3 kids wasn't 3 for 3, so I'll go ahead and say most babies love motion. So the new mom can watch her baby enjoy this sweet motion in a sweet design.

Diaper Bag: Confession. When I was in college I used to buy sleek diaper bags as a school bag. They were great!  Lots of compartments inside. Often compartments outside for a bottle..... Of water!  Lol. Seriously. I'd have the perfect pocket for a bottle of water and some snacks. They made the best every day bags. Back then several handbag lines had a diaper bag or two in their collections so it was an easy find. And now?  Diaper bags are so beautiful and remain just as handy as they did when I was a student.  So, getting a mom-to-be a beautiful diaper bag that she can start using before baby, with baby, and after baby, is a gift that keeps giving.  Petunia Pickle has this gorgeous bag where mom can slip her bottle of water and her keys/phone in an outside pocket and enjoy all the compartments inside. Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall - Bedford Avenue Stop Special Edition   .

Belly Stickers: I've given birth to 3 fabulous babies. And I take a monthly photo for the first year. Always in the same spot on the couch. Always in a white onesie. But a regret I have?  I didn't take many belly pics while pregnant. I have one here or there at a party or something. But I don't have the progression of belly growth. I did take a last belly pic of my first two (but didn't for my third because labor happened too fast!). I love these cute growing belly baby stickers by Lucy Darling. It would serve as a reminder to take a pic, and I'm sure all pregnant mamas would appreciate such cute reminder for a nice keepsake photo. 

Teether: I love a multi purpose item. And a chewbeads necklace is just that. A cute, stylish necklace for mom..... And then a teether for baby. I wore one with my youngest daughter. I loved the pop of color to my outfit, and loved that she could safely chew on it while I was wearing her. It was also a nice transition piece for when I had to place her in the stroller. She got to hang onto my necklace -which, lets be honest - it was really hers.... I'm guessing with two daughters, all of 'my' jewelry will eventually become 'our' jewelry.  So, the chewbeads necklace is a safe start for jewelry sharing. Juniorbeads Jane Jr Teething Necklace.

Bath Products: With my most recent pregnancy I got some great bath products months before the baby arrived. And you know what?  I enjoyed them!  It was fun testing out different brands and smelling (or not smelling) different scents.  My skin was super sensitive, so washes geared toward newborn skin were appreciated. I also loved using lotions or oils on my belly - a calming way to feel connected with my growing baby.  This gift set from Tubby Todd is a great way to sample a full line of products that mom can sample and then enjoy with her newborn once they arrive. And the lavender scent is heavenly. 

(Tubby Todd does make products specifically for moms, but I love to sample the baby stuff!) 

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