Maternity for the mom to be....

April 14, 2014



One of my favorite maternity looks is the boho/embroidered look. I will stop a mom to be on the street if she is sporting this look for I am a bit obsessed. I love these pieces for they are quite flexible and suggest wearing them to there be no longer any room to give. Wear with skinny pants if you are in a working environment, your favorite jeans and loose shorts for a more casual look. Many brands are have been including the bohemian look into their maternity lines for the past few season however I tend to find it year round at stores such as Free People and Anthropologie. If buying in a non maternity sizing a few styling tips:

  • Size up, way up. Give your self as much room to grow unless you are buying third trimester.
  • With mid length dresses as the belly rises, add some comfy leggings or your tush will be showing.
  • Look for dresses that balance with room on the top and bottom.
  • For tops look for them to be loose both back and front, in an A-line shape or have slits at the seam.
  • Some of the places I have found the Oaxaca style dresses at reasonable prices are People Of Tomorrow, Etsy and Ebay and of course Mexico.

Don’t save these pieces for special occasions, which will justify (to your budget) buying one of the more and usually costly hand embroidered looks. Wear the heck out of this look and after baby keep it in your wardrobe to wear for later, for as you will soon realize, chic is nice but comfort is a plus.

1. San Vicente Tunic via JM Drygoods

2. Dakinis Choice via Etsy 

3. Maternity Eyelet Top In Indigo via Old Navy

4. The San Vicente Blouse Black Embroidery via JM Drygoods


Photo: Photographer, Modern Kids Co Visit the lovely Oh, Hello Blog