14 BTS Pieces We ♥...plus tips on shopping.

August 18, 2014



This summer just flew by, okay we have a few weeks until it's officially over, but school is coming up like it or not. It's not surprising that our 'little' neighborhood is known for being one of the coolest places in the country. I am always inspired by the fashion here and the kids are some of the best dressers, which is evident by all the BROOKLYN themes I keep seeing. The LA theme is up there as well.

So here is the thing about BTS shopping, try not to get caught up in it. Yes, there are deals out there and I am one of the first who recommends shopping a great sale but one of the biggest clothing lessons I have learned from shopping for my child is the pieces that are well made last longer. I shop for him like I shop for myself, which is buying some chic- quality items sprinkled with affordable pieces. 

Here are 14 pieces I adore (there were more but not enough room!) and some tips on BTS/kid shopping:

1. Chateau Marmot via Darling Clementine

2. Pompom Detail Backback via Zara

3. Molo Nikki Leggings via Sweet William

4. Girls' Crystal Hair Barrette via Jcrew

5. Combined Leather Riding Boot via Zara

6. Girls' Nellystella Alexa Dress Jcrew

7. Kids' Happy Jackson Lunch Box via Jcrew

8. Hudson All In One via Stella McCartney Kids  

9. Stars Neck Scarf via  Zara

10. Vincent Twill Jean via Darling Clementine  

11. Appaman Long Sleeve Lion Tee via Smoochie Baby 

12. Boys' Corgi Patterned Socks via Jcrew 

13. New Balance Sneakers in Blue via Jcrew

14. Brooklyn Knit Cap via Zara


  • Sales can make you feel this sense of urgency, try not get caught up in them. If there are great offerings for your kids, go for it! But don't talk yourself into shopping if you're not feeling it. Also, try shopping alone or online, as a nagging kid may just fluster you into wanting to get out of a busy store and you could end up spending more then you need to. I save sale shopping for when I buy a season ahead and get great buys in sweaters, winter items and do it on my lunch break or online. 
  • I love H&M and Children's Place for basics such as tees, clothes for weekend sports and winter snow clothes.
  • East Coast moms: check shoes to see if they still fit ( I learned the hard way last year, major summer growth spurt).
  • Check last year's clothes- do zippers and buttons still close, are they comfortable? Do they just need some mending here but can be worn for at least part of the year?

The best children shops and sites that are based in Williamsburg/Greenpoint for the kids are :

Also great for stylish kids:

  • Zara for light weight coats, great winter boots and cozy sweaters.
  • Jcrew -has the best sales. My son loves the t-shirts there and the shoes which are specially made in cool colors for only Jcrew.
  • H&M- organic tees, skinny jeans, fun tees, pretty tops for girls and affordable socks. 

Posted by Donna