5 Pre-school Backpacks for pre-school aged children!

August 13, 2014



Many people will argue that a pre-school aged child does not need a backpack.  And they are (mostly) correct…. sure you aren’t lugging Biology books home for homework, but you will be transporting art work, snacks, and maybe a toy or two.  And, nothing says ‘I’m ready for school’ more then a tiny tot with their backpack.  When my daughter started pre-k last fall, she headed out the door with her backpack and my at the time 2 year old son insisted he wear a backpack too….. luckily we have what I call our travel backpacks, which brings me to one of my favorite picks for a pre-school sized backpack:


1. Skip Hop Zoo Packs - Pre-school backpack


This back pack usually retails for $20 (they are sold at some baby retail stores that offer 20% off coupons…. hint hint, or, you can find certain animals on amazon for a lower price.)  Both of my kids have these.  They are large enough to hold a few necessities, but small enough that they can carry them on their own, and, small enough that you don’t have to bring the entire train collection…. haha.  Now a days, Skip Hop sells a ton of accessories to match - lunch bags, cups, plates, towels… fall in love with one animal and collect all the pieces, or, mix and match to have a zoo in your house!     


2. LL Bean Junior Original Book Pack

I am a sucker for a timeless piece (well, when I am not a sucker for a cute kid print!  haha).   The quality of LL Bean is awesome, my nephew has been using his for 4 years and my daughter will start year 2 this fall.  


3. Crocodile Creek back pack

Your tot can love an animal or theme in a less obvious way…. they feature so many different styles - animals, space, vehicles - and also have coordinating products.  But with a smaller print on the outer zip pouch, it is a smaller way to spread your love!


4. Baby Baggu

This past year my daughter spilled a drink in her backpack and I didn’t notice until morning… already running late, and no time to clean it up, I grabbed her Baby Baggu bag, threw her stuff in, and headed out the door.  It was perfect! These bags are lightweight and easy to clean, and, your child can slip their arms into the carry handles and wear it a back pack!  At $7 this might be cheaper than a pack of markers!


5. The North Face Happy Camper - youth sized

Kids love nothing more than to imitate mom or dad, so if you carry a cool North Face back pack, your child might just love this!  Again, a great size, an outer pocket for a drink, and even a front chest clip.  It comes in some fun prints, and, unlike a more toddler geared print or style,  you may get longer use out of it.  






Posted by Erica Young