10 Kid's staples with deep discounts you can buy for now (or size up to use next year)!

March 01, 2015



I know thinking about next year is the last thing you want to add to an already busy list. However, if this cold winter has taught me another lesson to why buying a head is a good idea, it's that these items will get worn. I have bought a size up or two since my son was born and I have always appreciated being prepared and having really cute pieces that cost 60-80 % below retail. Just yesterday I bought a few pieces for my boy (I showed him for I have written he has a fashion opinion now) and saved 70% on a few looks for this summer (stock leftover from summer stock) and for the next school year. I didn't buy a ton because staying in budget means you buy within that budget -your not helping your self if you spend money you don't have. At this point stores such as Jcrew, Children's Place and Old Navy to name a few have key items on sale with a coupon code for extra savings  off your entire purchase at checkout. 

Here are wardrobe staples that can be bought now and worn next season:

  • coats
  • socks
  • winter boots
  • snow gear
  • hats
  • gloves
  • jeans
  • pajamas
  • tees

1. Those chi chi sweaters we love can be bought now on sale ( at this moment there is an extra 50 % off this piece -making it $20) and saved for next fall. Girls Fuzy Popover Sweater via Jcrew

2. Buy the dressier pieces for school pics and holiday parties on sale. Tartan skirt via Jcrew

3. At $10 a jean, buy a few of these babies. Via H&M

4. I am now officially refusing to buy an expensive hat at the rate my son loses them at school buying cheap and on sale is the only way at this point. Cable Knit Hat via H&M

5. Same with mittens...gone in a day....never to see again. Find them at Gap, Old Navy, Children 's Place for a just a  few dollars and buy a few at a time.

6. Coats are such a big investment. My son has some warm cots this winter which I am really grateful for and reminds me that warmth is where I rather not compromise. Look for those quality coats at stores such as Jcrew, Patagonia and local boutiques. Fishtail Parka via Jcrew

7. Boots and winter related shoes are bought on sale in my household for there is so much one needs! If buying one size up makes you nervous buy two sizes as you know they'll eventually be worn. Leather worker boot via Zara 

8. Layer up with those long sleeve tees and buy a bunch as they are the best way to warm up a dress or a short sleeve tee. Basic Tee via Children's Place

9. Another key item I recommend buying on sale are pj's. Preferably footless as this gives more room in case of a sudden growth spurt. I love the sleepwear from Children's Place as they have a nice cotton section. Bird Stretchie via Children's Place.

10.  $12! This is how much this grey snow suit is, $20 for the pink. If your expecting or you can guest-imate the size of your little one for next winter definitely pick up one of these on sale. Via H&M


Post by Donna