8 Summer shoes for the kids.

June 01, 2015




I think all kids shoe brands should have New York City kids road test their shoe styles as truly these kids must be some of the most active out there. With hot concrete surfaces, miles walked in city adventures and rivers with rocky surfaces summer shoes really need to fit the summer shoebill in many categories.

Here are MB’s picks for summer shoes for your kiddos:

1. When Native shoes were at their peak you could find cheap imposters at all the chain stores. Now that the trend has died his is pretty much impossible. This doesn't diminish the shoe for me at all. It is a well built shoe that is perfect for the kid in camp, who will be traveling or is just all around an active child. I sometimes do not know if my son's camp is going to go to the water park or have a dance off with fellow campers. This style covers all possibilities of the summer kid in my book.  Native Kids Shoes Miller via Zappos

2. For the girl who refuses to wear crocs these are a stylish alternative. Jelly Shoes via Zara

3. When sneakers are the only option especially at summer camp these sturdy slip ons should pass the teachers approval. Girls Slip On Sneakers in Hearts via Jcrew

4. When your kid goes from zero to sixty this is a good shoe to see them in a crowd of kids. Gold Sneakers via H&M

5. Great option fro a pools surface and hot sandy beaches.  Beach Shoes Via H&M

6. For those pebble surfaces and slippery surfaces this shoes fastens on with an adjustable buckle fasten. Fabric Sandals via Zara

7. Canvas Slip Ons via Old Navy. If you are worried about a slip on or sneaker overheating try this cotton perforated version from Zara

8. Light weight 'sneaker' with adjustable tab front, perfect for the littlest of ones. Green version.

Post by Donna