Pregnancy coat/babywearing

September 14, 2015

East Coast weather still mystifies soon as Labor Day has come and gone the promise of a new season starts to trickle in. Last week the weather was in the 80-90's now we are at a cool 60/70's. Which means Erica who is at 38 weeks is not only very pregnant ...girlfriend needs a jacket for now as well as soon as she has the baby. Enter Finside. This European brand, that is now being sold in our lovely land sent MB a smartly designed jacket geared towards expecting mothers. With it's add-on belly extension this allows coverage while baby wearing as the attachment works as part of the jacket.

As an editor I have seen many 'pregnancy' jackets/coats, albeit they look well design they don't always have the right touches to really work for a pregnant mama. This KIELO  trench coat is breathable, waterproof and windproof which when you are wearing your baby in breezy to crazy weather this is what you'll need. The added benefit is that it is fitted...tapered on top and room from breastbone down. Who wants boxy when 9 1/2 months pregnant? Erica's favorite part is that it is surprisingly lightweight and warm, although we feel it can be an investment for some it definitely has the quality to be long lasting which is one of those pieces we recommend adding to your wish list.

Post by Donna